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We've organized RSS feeds from all your favorite sources into curated categories and show you the top things trending on the web within a 24 hour period. Staying up to date has never been easier.

Snag what you find

See something you like or want to save for later? Snag it and it will be stored on your profile for you and your friends to always go back to.

See Your Friends' recent snags

Instead of just browsing the internet, snag shows you all the interesting stuff your friends have recently found. Maybe a new article, video, or cool new song.

Join the conversation

Whether to your friends or the whole snag community, every URL has a conversation behind it.

Snag directly to friends

If you find something you think a specific few friends would like, simply tap their names and they'll receive the snag directly.

Fully Immersive Browsing

Using our pop out tabs, you can continue to watch or listen to content from another tab, while browsing other pages.

The Snag Team

We're a team of designers, developers, and thinkers on a mission to change the way we browse the web and what we do with the content we find.

Logan Shire

Logan has employed his nearly five years of experience building robust native mobile applications to create Snag's flagship iOS application. Previously, Logan has worked at JibJab, Microsoft, Yelp and Google learning from some of the best engineers in the industry. Most recently he has needed to make hard choices between numerous competing full-time offers from Google, Palantir, Lyft, Square and Uber and has opted to take a break to pursue Snag.

Quaid Walker

Quaid is an interaction designer and entrepreneur with 4+ years of industry experience, half of which involving a leadership role. In the past, he has worked at Design Studio Nuovo, FC Flamingo, Samsung Innovation Center, and Google where he has had the opportunity to learn from the best. He likes to touch every part of the design process from ideation to prototyping and implementation. He is slated to join Facebook in the summer and the Google Play Team in December, but has taken time off to bring Snag to life.

Jeremy Memmi

Jeremy has been at the forefront of Snag’s creative development, from its core concepts to focusing on user-acquisition, growth and product management. Previously, Jeremy has worked with Interscope Records, Starbucks (Customer Innovation Team) and, learning how to create and execute effective marketing campaigns and retention programs. Most recently Jeremy has put a pause on his passion for filmmaking and all other opportunities in order to pursue Snag.